Working From Home

When you’re stuck in the routine of nine to five working from home can seem like the dream way to achieve a work-life balance, but it’s not always that easy… Fiona Bugler, who’s worked from home for 20 years has some top tips.

  1. Get up early – In the first issue of the Zone we reviewed Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. Hal has set out some early morning steps in the acronym SAVERS. Start with silence or mediation. Next say out loud some affirmations, i.e. stating positive beliefs and statements. ‘V’ is for visualisation, see how you would like your day to look or spend time looking at images of inspiration, such as a mood board. Exercise is simple, just jog on the spot, do some stretches, squats, jump up and down. Scribing or writing refers to taking some time to write in your journal. And finally reading, R is for reading – a book, or magazine that inspires you. Hal says we can do all this in six minutes, but even if it takes you an hour, it’s time well spent.
  2. Always get dressed for work — Working in your pyjamas isn’t good for mental health or productivity. Whatever clothes you choose to put on for work, tune in to see if you feel you’re in a work mindset. You don’t have to don a three-piece suit, but some kind of home-working uniform can help you get you in a positive and proactive mindset.
  3. Plan your meals – A really good idea is to make your lunch before you start work. And if you’re a snacker, why not get a big bowl of fruit, carrots, celery sticks and humous to keep in the fridge for grazing.
  4. Use Zoom, Skype and SLACK – all of these tools have had an injection of interest since COVID struck. For anyone who’s used to virtual working, you’ll be familiar with how meetings and communication can be slick and easy to do using these tools.
  5. Move – You might think working from home would be a place you’d get easily distracted and be up and down from your desk, but for many of us, it’s much easier to stay sat in one place for hours on end. Make sure you get up and move, stretch, do some yoga, or simple breathing techniques.

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