Let’s Talk About Alcohol

How has lockdown and Coronavirus affected your drinking habits? Increased consumption? Or have you seen a decrease with the pubs shut? Have your habits changed? Matt Cox investigates.

It’s an important conversation, with a recent poll by YouGov indicating that 75% of British drinkers are drinking the same or more than pre-lockdown, with 17% of these indicating more. However, surveys on drinking habits often lead to bias, with people underestimating how much they drink –could these figures actually be higher?

In the run-up to lockdown, supermarkets and corner shops reported a 22% jump in alcohol purchases, which accounted for an extra £199 million compared to the same period in 2019 according to Kantar.

Understandably, this has raised concern. There have long been links between excessive alcohol consumption and adverse immune-related health effects such as susceptibility to pneumonia, and many more health implications.

Alcohol consumption is often used to quell feelings of anxiety but remember this often only provides short-term release and is not a solution. It can even lead to unhealthy habit building with tolerance leading to increased consumption over time.

The charity, Drinkaware, have provided some fabulous advice and a toolkit to help on their website.

Here are their key tips for reducing alcohol intake whilst at home:

  • Home measures: Use a measuring cup, jug, or home scales to ensure you get correct measures
  • Go small: A large measure of wine (250ml) is 1/3 of a bottle. Use small wine glasses & ½ pint glasses to help you pour smaller measures.
  • Drink-free days: Stop each day becoming a weekend. Pick drink free days, or have evening activities that don’t require the addition of an alcoholic drink.

Get inventive with alternatives: Low-alcohol or alcoholic free drinks are a much-improved market, with Gin and wine now available alongside the more traditional beers and ciders. We love Erdinger Alkoholfrei all year round as a midweek alternative-even more so now.

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