What’s the best diet for exercise?

Have you started running or exercising hard in Lockdown? Feeling fitter, healthier… hungrier? Do you carb up, or go keto, eat meat or choose vegan? We spoke to the John Berardi, founder of Precision Nutrition and got the answers. Food is the fuel that you need to fire your fitness engine, so make sure youContinue reading “What’s the best diet for exercise?”

5-Step Easy eating guide

Working hard and exercising requires quality energy. Rules and regulations lead to stress. The Zone guides keep eating well simple. Small steps It’s not uncommon to feel confused by over-complicated eating plans and conflicting dietary advice. Rather than make dramatic changes and set yourself crazy rules, opt for small changes, and be conscious of theContinue reading “5-Step Easy eating guide”

Let’s Talk About Alcohol

How has lockdown and Coronavirus affected your drinking habits? Increased consumption? Or have you seen a decrease with the pubs shut? Have your habits changed? Matt Cox investigates. It’s an important conversation, with a recent poll by YouGov indicating that 75% of British drinkers are drinking the same or more than pre-lockdown, with 17% ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Alcohol”