Wellbeing at Work after Covid-19

Wellbeing and public health are under the microscope, but money is tight, and there are new problems to solve. The Zone’s Editor, Fiona Bugler, spoke to two leaders in Human Resources about what wellbeing means to them and what the future holds? The UN has set out a series of goals to help make theContinue reading “Wellbeing at Work after Covid-19”

The Acceleration of Wellness Programmes

In our new reality wellbeing will remain top of the agenda. Up until March 2020, wellbeing had established itself as a growing multi-million pound industry. Wellness was reported to be worth up to £2.8 trillion worldwide, according to the Global Wellness Institute. And workplace wellness programmes had blossomed into an industry worth more than £31 billionContinue reading “The Acceleration of Wellness Programmes”

NOW is the time to focus on wellbeing at work

This article was first published on Medium by The Zone’s Editor, Fiona Bugler – Find and follow, clap, share: https://medium.com/@FBugler Wellbeing at work isn’t a box to tick, it’s about putting people first, it’s about re-defining our bottom line. Here in the UK, yesterday’s Sunday Times, featured Humphrey Cobbold, the boss of Pure Gym’s, ‘Diary ofContinue reading “NOW is the time to focus on wellbeing at work”