Giving Back: clap for the NHS and Donate Now

Matt Cox rounds up just some of the amazing fundraisers continuing to support the NHS through coronavirus… Today is the day we clap for the NHS. Health is a priority now and those people who work to help us get well need support. Put politics aside and do what you can now. Scottish javelin recordContinue reading “Giving Back: clap for the NHS and Donate Now”

A History of Pandemics

Matthew Cox takes a look at Covid-19 in the context of previous pandemics One of the biggest surprises of this Covid-19 pandemic is that we are surprised. Over recent years our world has grown much smaller, with over 50 per cent of our global population now living in urban areas. We are more crowded andContinue reading “A History of Pandemics”

The Coronvirus Response — let’s make this new normal permanent

First published March 25th 2020 by The Zone’s Editor, Fiona Bugler, on Medium Chris Evans is on the radio talking about something you may have noticed, too. More people running. He’s said that it seems as if London is relaxing. They don’t have to go to work, they can get up earlier, and they move.Continue reading “The Coronvirus Response — let’s make this new normal permanent”

Working From Home

When you’re stuck in the routine of nine to five working from home can seem like the dream way to achieve a work-life balance, but it’s not always that easy… Fiona Bugler, who’s worked from home for 20 years has some top tips. Get up early – In the first issue of the Zone weContinue reading “Working From Home”