What If Everybody Ran

The recent running boom could help many people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Just put one foot in front of the other and find out for yourself. A side effect of Covid-19 that stirs up my interest in the fitness boom and in particular the running boom. According to a study from researchers and reviewers atContinue reading “What If Everybody Ran”

What Do you Need?

As we’ve stripped back our lives during Lockdown, many of us are left asking — what do we really need to feel happy and healthy? First published on Medium – follow me there @FBugler for more stories Today I was inspired once again by Chris Evans on the radio. For those who don’t know — I’mContinue reading “What Do you Need?”

Certainly Uncertain

First published on Medium in the publication Age of Awareness In uncertain times keep your vision in mind On Monday morning, as I was running I was listening to LBC, a radio show here in the UK. James O’Brien pointed out he couldn’t pick a headline. What’s your headline at this point of the crisis?Continue reading “Certainly Uncertain”